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Be aware.

One embraces the right to vote.
The other discourages it.
Both elections will make history.
Will you stand up and be heard?

This year, two nations on the opposite sides of the world are joined together in the most important elections of the 21st century. Now you have the opportunity to participate in a big way! Learn more about the elections. Sign the petition to speak up for the people of Zimbabwe. Register to vote in the November presidential election. And find out how you can host a registration table in your school or community!



election day is march 29, 2008

We ask that all Zimbabwean be allowed to exercise their political rights by voting in elections that are free, fair and non violent. We support truly free and fair elections.



United States:

election day is november 9, 2008

Let's make this year's election one of record turnout and representation across the nation. You say you don't like the direction of our country? Stand up. Be heard.

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Spread the Word:

You can setup a voter registration table in your school or community. It's easy: signup for an election kit, seek approval from your advisors or community officials, print posters from the poster machine, and rock the vote!

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Country Profiles:

United States


government constitution-based republic with strong democratic tradition parliamentary democracy
branches executive, legislative, judicial executive, legislative, judicial
independence July 4, 1776 April 18, 1980
voting age 18 years 18 years
unemployment 4.8% 85%
inflation 4.28% 66,000%
GDP growth 2.2% -6%
population 301,139,947 12,311,143
life expectancy 78 39.5
HIV prevalance 0.06% 24.6%
AIDS patients 950,000 1,800,000
literacy rate 99% 90.7%
Source: CIA Factbook 2008

Poster Machine:

Print out the poster, customize it, and share with your friends! Download the poster (PDF file) 



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